Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Okamoto, appears in video

Tribo Skate magazine and the professional Skateboarder Wagner Profeta had a great idea to make a video called " Dupla Exposicao" "double exposure" the video show 6 spot custom for the artists and shred for the skaters.
And Guilherme Okamoto member of our Posse\Derelict appeared in a very hard spot Congrat`s bro.
Check the video below.

Dupla Exposição from wagner profeta on Vimeo.

Also the video is rolling on the

Guilherme Okamoto, at some bbq with his SMALL cup with... water!?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dacio A.K.A Toco.

Best sequence ever... Just kidding!!! Toco, Killer BS Board slide over the stairs.
Photos by Sergiodeatchuk.

Bombardeando a Colina - Bomb Hills.

Mauro Loriato somewhere in Sao Paulo, during his trip to Brazil in 2010."Hard times?"
BS Nose Slide somewhere in the North Shore of Oahu, during his first trip to Hawaii in 2009."good times"?!

One thing is true...Good or bad times he keeps bombing the hills.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The first Stickers.

Below the first stickers of Crazy Beer BBQ, hand made by Mauro Loriato in 2008. He cut out one by one and give for his budy`s.
Sometimes is good looking for Old stuffs at home we can find cool shits.


Guilherme Okamoto and Mauro Loriato double at their local skatepark.
They`re get stoked with this kind stuffs.